Phishing & email fraud prevention

How resistant is your organisation?

Phishing counts for over 80% of all cyber attacks and is favored by cybercriminals. Why? Because we humans are easily tricked and fall for social manipulation and messages that appeal to our emotions. 95% of all breaches are because of human error, and it all begins with that email.

During October and «National Security Month», we at Combitech have the pleasure of offering our customers a unique opportunity to immediately act on the need for protection against phishing attacks – by testing and evaluating your organisation, you will disclose where action is required and how.

Why spend time testing?

By testing the organisation for its resistance against phishing attacks you will:

  • Immediately identify weaknesses and shortcomings
  • Gain valuable insight into what types of information that risk being revealed
  • Get the necessary knowledge to more easily prioritize and take action

What is phishing?

Phishing is a common, and effective, method used to trick users into unknowingly share information or grant access to an attacker.

Phishing often bypasses security functions such as firewalls as the method is used on the safe side of the security function, which also makes it very difficult to detect.

Advanced phishing, also called spearphishing, is used to target specific individuals and tailored to give the impression of being legitimate email.

Does your company possess the abilities to:

  • Differentiate between phishing emails and ordinary emails
  • Detect incoming phishing emails
  • Detect and counter the results from a succesfull phishing attack
  • Apply the training of employees on phishing attacks in controlled environments
  • Co-workers who has had the possibility to train on how to act to phishing attacks in controlled environments

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