Secure product life cycle

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What: ”System without vulnerabilities before deployment and upheld security during operation ”

How: ”Rise awareness and integrate security activity into process with support of experts”

Development of a system today can be complex concerning security. Different kinds of regulations, new vulnerabilities in software, introduced security flaws due to low awareness, etc. Many times external help are needed to help introduce new ways of thinking and working with security. 

Awareness and education programWe help your managers and developers and other roles according to their level of security knowledge.  Examples of activities

  • How to identify security critical requirement and how to build a secure architecture
  • How to develop in a secure way with war gaming exercises to verify the competence of the programmer/tester
  • One, two, three or four day courses depending on your needs available

Iterative and agile SecDevOps to assure security in the development and operational lifecycle

  • Risk and Threat analysis
  • Security architecture
  • Security evaluation & testing
  • Vulnerability Management

Security program for the product teams. How to integrate security into normal development activities and measure with KPI for progress

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