Security testing as-a-service

Combitech security testing in a nutshell

Information security is about understanding security risks and knowing how these are handled. By having a conscious relationship with multi-level security, you can reduce the possibility of confidential or sensitive information falling in the wrong hands.

Combitech offers a wide range of security tests, which can help your business test its products. Through both insider tests, outside tests and application tests, we can help your business prevent intrusion by detecting vulnerabilities in advance.

Security testing as-a-service is about continuous security testing activities to help you detect and prevent system vulnerabilities before deployment.

It is made possible through the following steps:

Penetration testing, Code review, Test reports, Initial risk and threath assessments and security implementations

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At Combitech we offer you:

  • Industry-leading expertise in product and system security
  • Tailored security teams
  • Proven methodology based on international standards such as Common Criteria, OSSTMM, OWASP etc.
  • SWEDAC ISO 17025 approved Cyber Security Innovation Lab
  • Experts with security clearance  - ”White hat”, ”Ethical hackers”
  • Market leading scanning technology
  • Managed in the Nordics

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