SIEM Managed Analytics

We offer continuous monitoring of your infrastructure. We offer two options: A fully-fledged Managed SIEM service, or a Managed Security Analytics Service on top of your existing QRadar-solution.

Our team is specialized in incident investigation. Our background is from security penetration testing and we are specially trained on detecting threat patterns. Our team monitors your environment for security threats, and ensures that a potential breach will not go undetected.

Our team will continuously analyze the detected indicators of compromise, and verify the findings. Our goal is that you as customer only has to be involved when a real problem occurs. 

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Security Analytics Service

We have specialized our Security Analytics service on top of the IBM QRadar platform. We will process your offences, where we classify the findings, and report with a conclusion on the offence. An optimal QRadar solution requires constant fine-tuning, this is one of the core competencies we have in our Security Operations Center. Customers will receive continues tuning from our part to ensure that the rate of false-positives is as low as practically possible.

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