Capability development

What is required of society when a situation arises? Combitech helps both civil and military defence develop their capabilities.

Society’s challenges are becoming increasingly complex and interwoven. We help you gain an overview of your business’s strengths and areas that require development, offer support in identifying your direction and priorities and create conditions for extracting the benefits in all situations. In normal situations, at times of crisis, when there is a risk of war and in wartime.

Our work is based on a holistic approach in which cooperation between military and civil defence builds a stronger total defence. Using model-based approaches according to established standards, we help you ensure traceability, correct analyses and relevant decision support for long-term planning.

Capability development is based on a thorough inventory, in which we analyse strengths and weaknesses, critical links and dependencies. The capability analysis, development journey and solution architecture are effective tools on the pathway to achieving sustainable solutions.

Our service areas in Capability Development:

  • Needs assessment
  • Solution generation
  • Traceability analysis
  • Situation analysis
  • Target development

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