Civil defence

When society has a raised threat level, key functions must continue to operate. Combitech strengthens capabilities in all areas of civil defence.

Civil defence is not an organization but rather a service run jointly by several operators: Government authorities, municipalities, county councils, private companies and voluntary organizations. Their function is to protect the civil population, secure key functions and act as society’s support to the armed forces.

Combitech has extensive experience in crisis preparedness and crisis management for society, military defence and companies. With our comprehensive understanding, considerable resources and national presence in Sweden, we are able to help all kinds of organizations consolidate their capabilities – from the operative level to the strategic and management level. Alongside developing the organization, we bring valuable technical expertise in areas such as ITcommunications and Cyber Security, all of which are critical to the functioning of society. We can also assist with civil defence planning, for example with regard to fuel, shelter planning, food, evacuation, etc.

Our service areas in Civil Defence:

  • Investigation work
  • Analyses of dependency, vulnerabilities and risks
  • Risk and vulnerability analyses, capability assessment
  • Training and exercises (war games)
  • Private/public sector cooperation
  • Systems and processes for information security, defence security and national security
  • Policies, guidelines and procedures
  • Action plans
  • Security culture
  • Robust communication
  • Cyber Security
  • Logistics
  • Crisis communication

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