Crisis preparedness

Natural disasters. Major incidents. Urban attacks. When civil defence is activated, each organization needs to know its role and possess the requisite skills. Combitech helps organizations to be prepared.

Should the worst happen, or threats occur, it’s vital that key functions in society continue to operate. In order for this to be possible, all the parties involved in civil defence, from authorities and municipalities to companies and organizations, need to understand their role in Sweden’s crisis management system and have a clear crisis plan in place for both internal and external processes and cooperation.

Combitech can provide experts in crisis preparedness and crisis management across Sweden. These experts have considerable experience supporting all types of organizations in the work of analysing, planning and implementing the measures required to guarantee an organization’s crisis management ability at an overall and individual level. Regular training and exercises contribute to the long-term establishment of an organizational culture in which risk awareness and crisis management capability are natural elements.

Take a look at our film on crisis communication (in Swedish). You will see two different scenarios illustrating how an organization manages a crisis situation.

Our service areas in Crisis Preparedness:

  • Operations analysis and needs analysis
  • Process management and support
  • Training
  • Risk and vulnerability analyses
  • Continuity planning
  • Crisis management techniques and crisis management exercises
  • Crisis communication and media training
  • Command and control analysis
  • Crisis and preparedness plans
  • Communication support, for example Rakel and WIS
  • Post-incident investigation and analysis
  • Methodology support for evaluation
  • Private/public sector cooperation
  • Threats and violence

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