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Your performance in the SIGINT field determines if you can detect and prevent threatening scenarios in advance. The ability to capture, store and analyze a large number of captured radio signals is the cornerstone of radio monitoring and communication intelligence (COMINT) operations, which makes Combitech SAGA a vital tool for your EW superiority.

Combitech SAGA is a modular and scalable SIGINT software suite that provides a digital signal recording and processing service developed for narrowband radio communications monitoring systems. With Combitech SAGA, you can record, process, examine and replay digital audio and IQ signals.

Combitech SAGA is engineered and developed to be very reliable, high performing and scalable. It´s designed to have a smooth and intuitive UI to make its user experience effortless. We have also made sure that the system integrates easily in to your existing environment and provide it with well-documented and secure APIs. 

With Combitech SAGA, your gathered critical sensor information will be stored with high performance and reliability.

Simple and efficient COMINT solution

With Combitech SAGA you gain reliable operations in a cost-efficient and easy manner. No matter if it´s a legacy COMINT system that requires up-to-date signal recording and processing or a total package, Combitech SAGA is your answer. Combitech SAGA includes a ready and tested integration with our own COMINT software suite - Combitech SANDRA. Visit the Combitech SANDRA page for further information about our hardware partnerships and Combitech SANDRA itself.

We provide Combitech SAGA with updated interfaces and integration testing but also assist our customers in commissioning to gain full operational capability. Combitech SAGA also comes with necessary documentation for customer specific adaptation and for future growth to scale with your needs.

Core functionalities

Combitech SAGA performs simultaneous recording and processing tasks for various signal types and rates. There is no need for extra personnel to operate Combitech SAGA. Control of Combitech SAGA can be handled i.e from Combitech SANDRA or other COMINT software suite directly. Combitech SAGA provides it´s status and load to the integrated system via interface. System also provides the information of indications and new recording processes initialized. Combitech SAGA conducts its tasks on the background, as it is designed to.

Combitech SAGA supports various processing flows with alternative recording functionalities. It´s a platform for customer furnished processing modules to cover multiple different use cases. Recordings can be accessed and managed from the integrated system or Combitech SAGA HMI. System supports recording export functions and it allows the operator to create smaller and usable files i.e from month-long circular buffers.

Combitech SAGA supports centralized operations for networked systems as well as local installations for autonomous operations to ensure the collected data is stored securely

Great performance and UX

SAGA includes well-defined, WEB-based graphical human-machine-interface. User-centric approach has been a cornerstone when defining the HMI. A visually clear and simple layout supports the users to do the right actions in no time.

Via SAGA HMI, Combitech SAGA can be operated as a standalone product. It also enables remote access to stored information for multiple users simultaneously.


  • Large amount of simultaneous signal recordings from multiple sources
  • Support for various sample rates both for IQ and audio signals
  • Support for networked environment – dislocated deployment
  • Continuous and triggered recording capability
  • Platform for customer provided processing modules
  • Management of recordings i.e export and replay
  • Scalable from a single laptop to numerous serves with load balancing
  • SAGA HMI to support remote access for multiple users
  • Storing of signal meta data
  • Open architecture, standard based interfaces for smooth integration with any systems

Product Brochure & whitepaper

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