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Reliable Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) / Electronic Warfare (EW) data provides crucial background information for modern military systems and successful military operations. It offers situational awareness and protects assets, while also supporting various activities, including mission planning.  Due to its nature, SIGINT / EW data is a highly valued asset that requires trustworthy means for storage, access, management and distribution.

This is where Combitech SAINT shines.

SAINT – your one-stop data management system

Combitech SAINT is a state-of-the-art SIGINT / EW library system crafted based on decades of experience in the SIGINT / EW field.

Combitech SAINT is the perfect partner for collecting, storing, analyzing and enriching data. The system offers flexible ways to store and describe data with a sizable collection of tools designed to create, maintain, visualize and analyze associations. Due to these features, Combitech SAINT makes managing large amounts of data effortless.

Prepare to excel

Behind an every successful operation, there´s an even stronger preparation. Sufficient preparedness concerns multiple information sources. Thus, all good preparations rely on long-term commitment and well-organized data gathering processes. With the help of Combitech SAINT, long-term data gathering and processing for reliable and usable intelligence has never been easier.

Combitech SAINT supports various roles, processes and workflows, boosting decision-making and operations planning. With Combitech SAINT, the right information will be presented to the right users at the right time.

Off-the-shelf solution to aid your decision-making process and operations planning securely, reliably and in the right format.

Data at your fingertips

Combitech SAINT does not dictate how your organization operates – it adapts to your established processes, roles and workflows. With flexible configuration options and smooth adaptable integrations, Combitech SAINT is sure to fit right in your needs and requirements.

Combitech SAINT provides a centralized data repository for the collected and stored data. By exporting offline sub-libraries, operators can continue to utilize and maintain them even in remote locations. Merging the updated information back to the central site is easy with the help of our user assisting tools.

Combitech SAINT provides built-in support for integrated sensor systems by allowing you to define sensor specific data sets directly into SAINT – when needed. 

Whether your scope is EW, SIGINT, ELINT, COMINT or even equipment registry -  Combitech SAINT is for you

Built-in trustworthiness

Combitech SAINT offers multiple schemes for authentication and data protection. Our flexible options guarantee that you can effectively limit access and track changes, while simultaneously maintaining a record of when and where the data has been released. With strong authentication and encryption, you can rest assured that your data is in safe hands.


  • The system runs on COTS PC hardware and offers flexible configurations to suit various operational requirements and environments
  • Highly customizable with built-in support for various roles allows operators to focus on essential information and tasks
  • SIGINT / EW data management with extensive coverage of parameters
  • Powerful search function for both structured and non-structured data
  • Supports security classifications, keeps track of information sources
  • Flexible integration options, support for various import and export data formats
  • Graphical views for signal representation & ambiguity analysis
  • Integrated map for geographical visualizations and data filtering
  • Ensures quality assurance while adapting to your QA processes and needs
  • Modern web technologies, easy deployment

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