Combitech SANDRA

Combitech SANDRA is a modular, distributed and scalable narrowband radio communications monitoring software suite. It provides operators with full manual control, supports tens of concurrent operators with various roles and provides tasking function for autonomous operation.

With SANDRA, operators are able to monitor thousands of channels remotely across large geographical areas simultaneously. The intuitive user experience makes SANDRA quick to learn and easy to use.

Extensive integration capabilities into multiple systems using standard interfaces guarantees that the solution is easy to set up in existing environments. With our partner network, we can also provide SANDRA as a fully featured system.

With Combitech SANDRA, your operations will be running in no time.

We provide the SANDRA software and hardware suite in partnership with Novator Solutions.

Modernize your solution

Combitech SANDRA is a modular, distributed and scalable narrowband radio communications monitoring software suite that can be easily adapted to existing hardware infrastructure and sub systems.

SANDRA will bring new performance by offering modern user experience, tools and automated functions to ease and streamline operators’ workload.

Integration to the infrastructure is achieved by a plugin architecture that allows SANDRA to control and utilize integrated sub systems and resources. SANDRA supports our partner network’s products out of the box. Additionally we provide professional services to integrate any other supported equipment type into the system. In case you want to do the integration yourself, we provide the SANDRA with standard and well-documented interfaces.

Grows with your operations

Capturing important radio communications requires a combination of world-class hardware and software, and that is why we created the Combitech SANDRA software suite.

With SANDRA you can start your operations easily and cost-efficiently. The solution is scalable and modular and as your operations grow, SANDRA will grow to meet your needs. SANDRA can integrate receivers starting from the very low cost SDR receivers all the way up to the high cost, state of the art radio receivers. The software suite scales from a single laptop and USB stick radio all the way to a nationwide system with tens of distributed sensor sites each with hundreds of receivers and thousands of channels.

SANDRA features the same design principle throughout the entire solution. The basic delivery of SANDRA provides support for commonly used analogue demodulations such as AM, FM etc. In addition, we provide a collection of demodulators and decoders from our partners as well as development framework that allows building your own custom solutions.

Our partner network ensures that in addition to scaling SANDRA software suite, we can also offer you competitive hardware portfolio to grow your operations.

Great performance and UX

SANDRA software suite is designed to work seamlessly with your hardware and features a powerful software architecture coupled up with a modern user interface and a streamlined user experience that speeds up the operators workflow.

The UI has been carefully crafted with years of experience from designing systems for professional military use.

With SANDRA, the users don't have to spend extra time to learn the system and can immediately focus on the monitoring tasks at hand.


  • Monitor thousands of channels in large geographical areas
  • Signal acquisition, Combitech SAGA provides signal recording and processing
  • Scalable from a single laptop to numerous remote sensors
  • Dozens of simultaneous operators for each sensor site
  • Support for different operator styles
  • Support for digital radio types starting from USB stick radios to high-end radios providing thousands of channels
  • Direction finding and location calculation
  • Full manual controls as well as autonomous operating via tasking function
  • Library support for signal recognition and fluent task generation
  • Combitech SAINT can provide master COMINT library
  • Straightforward integration to other systems
  • Easy to extend by integrating new radio types and other equipment

Whitepapers & brochures

  • Download the SANDRA product brochure from this link. 
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We provide the SANDRA software and hardware suite in partnership with Novator Solutions.

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