Information supply chain

The flow of information is a critical factor in a reality where the need for management and coordination is increasing alongside rapidly growing volumes of information, security threats and the development of technical systems.

Combitech’s experts and consultant teams ensure consistent and quality-assured information via effective database management built on optimal cooperation between various systems and organizations. Discrepancies are identified early on, versions and configuration are managed jointly, duplication is avoided, data can be reused and information can be delivered in the right format and on time. Supplying management information at a precise point in time to several interacting systems from a single data source creates full system efficiency.

Where necessary, we put together comprehensive teams for both information production and production environments. The information production team is made up of all the roles required for, for example, project management, software requirement specification, production and delivery of information products. The production environment team adopts an agile approach and takes overall responsibility for development, administration and operation. Everything happens in close cooperation with users and stakeholders.

Our services in Information Supply Chain:

  • Information modelling
  • Data capture
  • Database management of data/information
  • Versioning
  • Distribution of information products
  • Systems development

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