Management support systems

In the area of management support systems, Combitech is able to offer a complete project and system support package throughout the entire lifecycle, for everything from smaller subsystems to complex systems of systems.

Combitech has more than 40 years’ experience assisting the Swedish Armed Forces in transforming materiel into operative capability that is available 24/7, all year round. We create an environment for the maintenance and administration organization to optimize its activities, and we have an unrivalled ability to support time-critical operations with high demands for air safety, information security, operational performance and availability. All with a focus on the changing needs of the end user.

We provide expertise at the needs analysis and concept phases and create a clear framework for the development of innovative and cost-effective solutions that balance capability requirements and financial realities in the best way possible. Our skills can also be used to support requirement specification and procurement, or to develop and integrate systems that are not yet available on the market. Our in-depth technical knowledge and proven methods, paired with a thorough understanding of how businesses work make us a long-term and reliable partner that takes responsibility for ensuring everything works and remains current over time – not just at the point of delivery.

Our service areas in Management Support Systems:

  • Battle management systems – Air, Sea and Land
  • Information systems
  • Staff and command centres – fixed and mobile
  • Interoperability and communication solutions
  • TDL – Tactical Data Link systems
  • Information supply chain
  • Military weather systems
  • Intelligence systems
  • Sensor systems
  • Cryptosystems

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