Combitech MEDIATOR

System integrations are the lifeline of the modern networked operational environment. You may have the most feature-rich and high-performing system on the market, yet without the ability to communicate with other systems, it quickly becomes limited or even worse, useless. The system environment of defence industry is constantly changing. As a result, the needs and costs for sustaining integrations becomes increasingly more substantial. Hence, there´s a clear need for cost-effective and reliable integrations.

Combitech MEDIATOR is the answer to your integration needs.

What is Combitech MEDIATOR?

Combitech MEDIATOR is a modern, modular integration solution for defence systems. It connects your existing system to old, new, national and international systems, while also preserving operative continuity.

Combitech MEDIATOR simplifies system integrations and guarantees your system´s life cycle cost-efficiently and reliably. Connecting multiple systems is seamless and efficient with Combitech MEDIATOR. Furthermore, it accelerates the introduction of a system entity as the integration´s heavy lifting and interface-coordinating won´t burden the original equipment manufacturers.

Alongside integrating your existing system, Combitech MEDIATOR enables your systems FMN compatibility. Combitech MEDIATOR converses your data into FMN supported formats and establishes a connection to FMN-networks.

Modular and versatile compatibility suite

Combitech MEDIATOR offers a ready-made integration solution and a collection of interface modules for variety of sensor-, C2 and Common Operational Picture (COP)-systems. With 70% of the solution ready to meet most defence organizations´ common needs, achieving the full operability only requires the system specific technical development

Combitech MEDIATOR supports numerous civil and military standard methods regarding connecting and exchanging information. Adding new methods and national extensions is straightforward and easy to do, either with the help of Combitech or your own national experts.

Integration with batteries included

Along with the integration´s technical implementation, we handle defining the overall integration, and change management with OEMs and other stakeholders. With our expert skills and knowledge, we offer you a reliable and confidential turnkey solution for your system integration.

Combitech MEDIATOR does not only provide the operational integration platform, but it also functions as an integration and training support tool by offering a possibility to record, play back and modify the communications between systems.

Ensure the life cycle of your systems

When Combitech MEDIATOR is in charge of the connections between your systems, the interfaces of other systems remain unchanged. This will hold even if the interface of some system is changed, the entire system is changed or an entirely new system is added to the system entity. Thus, with Combitech MEDIATOR you can avoid the expensive change requests to OEMs.

Information gateway

Combitech MEDIATOR acts as an information router and converter between your systems. Sometimes you may want to limit access to your sensitive system data. Combitech MEDIATOR meets your needs and offers various access restriction and data protection functions for protecting your valuable data. After all, data centric security is a vital part of Combitech MEDIATORs design and function.

You do not need to worry about your integrations when they are taken care of by Combitech MEDIATOR


  • Runs on COTS hardware or virtualized depending on the requirements and environments
  • Easy to use web-user interface provides multiple user roles for setting up system configurations or monitoring the state of the integrations
  • Utilizes effective and scalable Apache Kafka event streaming platform in order to provide high volume data transfer between your systems
  • Filters information between systems based on information classification or other parameters
  • Microservice architecture enables easy adding of new functionalities or integrations

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