Systems management

When capabilities need improving, it puts greater pressure on systems and materiel. Combitech provides effective and organized system work that fulfils strategies and targets.

Combitech offers support at all stages of system work – from analysing capabilities and needs, to realizing system and product solutions that successfully balance requirements for a commercial approach and competitive advantage. Our expertise extends across all the phases of the lifecycle and we have considerable experience of complex command assignments involving technical systems from various areas of defence.

We help the customer create a cohesive system and product portfolio built on organized system planning and clear traceability between procurement and needs. We allow scope for the armed forces’ changing requirements, for example modularity and interworking.

Our service areas in Systems Management:

  • Market analyses
  • Configuration management and governance
  • Architecture
  • Requirement configuration
  • System definition
  • System plans
  • Specifications
  • Function objects and function chains

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