Big data

There’s certainly no lack of data these days. But whether you’re interested in market analysis, self-driving cars, industrial processes or how consumers use their products, you need knowledge and solutions for compiling, processing, analysing and transforming complicated data volumes into clear, intelligible information. Combitech helps you from start to finish.

Capturing, analysing and transforming vast quantities of data effectively in order to reap the business benefits is both essential and a winning formula in the digital transformation.

With Combitech as your big data partner, you will receive help to quickly take charge of your data and use it to achieve your goals. We possess unique skills relating to intelligence and analytics, and are happy to share our knowledge with your staff via both projects and training courses. Based on the purpose of your big data investment, we can help you evaluate your needs and potential, specify proof of value and suggest appropriate pathways for implementation and integration with other systems.

From there we can help you with everything from setting up a system and establishing dynamic, future-proof data stores, to producing data models and data architecture, developing machine learning and visualizing analysis results. And much more.

Our service areas in Big Data:

  • Feasibility studies, analysis and needs assessment
  • Information modelling and supply
  • Data modelling and architecture
  • Data integration
  • Analytics and data science
  • Business intelligence
  • Machine learning and AI
  • Visual analytics
  • Predictive analytics

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