IoT platforms

Once you’ve established your IoT strategy, you’ll be keen to launch it. Combitech makes this happen with the help of effective and secure standard platforms that can be customized to suit your needs.

The Internet of Things is often associated with products and services aimed at the consumer market. But there is just as much potential for IoT solutions in the manufacturing industry. For example, in the monitoring processes, predicting maintenance requirements and managing machinery and equipment. Whatever the application area, speed is the key to realizing benefits and creating value for the company, its customers and users.

Combitech can provide solutions and platforms based on complete systems and components. One advantage is that we are an independent operator, which means we can work with several different platform suppliers. We continually develop solutions in collaboration with our customers, which makes for a cost-effective and swift approach.

We work based on platforms that offer considerable opportunities for integration and allow customers to apply sensor/device management, as well as access machine learning/AI and data visualization in BI solutions securely. For specialist needs we can select platforms that are normally used to manage sensors and data of the highest security level in the armed forces. Security is a priority for us, and all our solutions are based on market-leading expertise in the field of Cyber Security.   

Our service areas in IoT Platforms:

  • IoT architecture
  • Security architecture
  • Platform choice and configuration

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