IT Management

IT managers are key individuals in digital transformation and a prerequisite for driving change. Combitech offers qualified leadership skills and professional development opportunities for your IT managers.

Combitech prioritizes leadership and we are involved in qualified leadership assignments for our customers on a daily basis. If you are currently lacking essential expertise as part of your IT investment strategy, we can provide key skills in the form of experienced project managers, Scrum Masters, team leaders and other significant roles. Feel free to ask us about appropriate solutions to suit your current and long-term needs.

Our professional development programme for your IT managers includes training and mentorship, personal leadership training and training for test managers. All our trainers and consultants are certified in their particular fields and trained in a variety of methods.

The individual is at the heart of our work and we’re passionate about helping people develop both personally and professionally, as well as encouraging an awareness of how personal motivation can make a difference to the entire business. Behaviour and motivation analyses, as well as inspirational seminars and coaching are just some of the tools we employ to train and motivate the IT managers of tomorrow. 

Our service areas in IT Management:

  • Project management
  • Team management
  • SCRUM masters
  • Product owner
  • Configuration leader
  • Feasibility study management
  • Test management
  • Personal leadership training
  • Behaviour and motivation analyses
  • Coach/Mentor leadership
  • Coach/Mentor development projects
  • Training in sustainable leadership

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