Sustainable architecture

Digital transformation involves a dramatic change that affects everything – business, operations, technology and IT. Combitech helps you create a comprehensive architecture that allows scope for future opportunities and challenges.

In the new digital ecosystems, innovative and interlinked services and products are generated and outdated business models are replaced by new ones. Furthermore, your business becomes increasingly connected with the rest of the world, and dependent on other systems. In other words, complexity increases on a daily basis, and high standards are imposed for an adaptive architecture that enables proactive and gradual change. So the question is clear: What is required of your IT landscape in order to realize the company’s vision and strategies for the future?

Combitech has a thorough and broad knowledge in the field of business architecture, across the entire chain. We can help with architecture for both individual systems and entire ecosystems. In order to tackle disruptive change, we factor in all aspects of operations, IT, technology and people in our work. And of course, security. The right security reduces risk and costs, while flexibility and scalability ensure that right from the start, the architecture is equipped to realize future business opportunities.

Our service areas in Sustainable architecture:

  • Enterprise architecture
  • Business architecture
  • IT architecture
  • Information architecture
  • Solution architecture
  • Systems architecture
  • Security architecture
  • Business intelligence

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