Systems development

Software is the star of the digital transformation. But it’s not without its challenges. Combitech helps you develop systems and apps that create value while retaining security. 

Digitalization fuels the pace of software development, with shorter development cycles and more regular customer deliveries demanding changes to methods and tools. Value is increasingly built around software and it’s more important than ever to have an agile and efficient approach. But not at the cost of security.

Combitech combines skills development with substantial know-how within security and secure IT. We offer expertise and solutions for everything from operations support systems to IoT, where we can help you throughout the process from requirement specification, to the design of sensors, cloud solutions and app development.  Whatever the area, we help you design efficient development processes based on intelligent, scalable architecture and one-piece flow, from design to runnable software.

We supply the perfect solution for your needs – turnkey projects, complete teams, or additional skills for various projects. We use established development methods and tools, and offer both back and front end development with technologies such as Microsoft and Java EE. We are partners with Microsoft.

Our Service areas in Systems Development:

  • Requirements analysis
  • Architecture and design
  • Implementation
  • Tools and methods
  • Testing and verification
  • Operation and maintenance

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