Combitech innovation hubs

Need to consolidate your resources in a development project, or strengthen your organization in the longer term? Combitech Innovation Hubs offer highly qualified, cohesive teams of engineers that can quickly get to grips with your assignment and deliver the right solutions.

Product and calculation centre. The centre can provide support from carefully selected engineers with unique experience from the automotive and aviation industries, including from NEVS (formerly Saab Automobile) and the development of the Gripen aircraft fighter. They can help you throughout the process from concept to industrialization, and they are specialists in virtual product development.

DevOps development centre. Home to over 300 former Ericsson engineers with substantial expertise in software development and embedded systems, from 5G to IoT. We offer entire DevOps teams with a documented ability to develop, test and release software quickly and efficiently, with a focus on automation and regular deliveries. Can also assist with induction skills in your own organization.

Saab India Technology centre. Specialist expertise in large volumes for customers looking for a quality-assured, low-cost alternative in mechanical design, calculation, software and technical documentation. The centre has an extremely high level of physical and IT security, and works in an integrated way with engineers in Sweden.

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