Concept & business development

Inspiration and cross-fertilization are the key elements of Combitech’s method for successful concept development. And on top of that we add advanced technology from Saab and cross-sector experience. 

We begin by bringing together key people at your company as part of an impact workshop. It is often the first time that representatives from, say, management, development, production, market and aftermarket have come together to devise a concept. This creates a sense of ownership and understanding of the particular issues each individual has to manage. Throughout this process we encourage participants’ creative streak and help them visualize, develop and evaluate their product idea in all parts of the product lifecycle. In the concluding impact mapping stage, we analyse needs, prioritize and generate consensus.

The results of the workshop and impact mapping then form the basis of a feasibility study and the concept development stage.

The unique feature of Combitech’s process is our way of cross-fertilizing the customer’s specializations with cross-sector experiences and examples of high-tech solutions from, for example, Saab. The effect is a swifter, more carefully thought-out and cost-effective process that factors the entire product lifecycle into the equation.

Our service areas in Concept & Business Development:

  • Workshops – analyse needs, prioritize and generate consensus
  • Impact mapping
  • Visualization (next step)
  • Feasibility studies and concept development

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