Embedded electronics and software

You can’t afford for anything to go wrong when you’re in a tight situation at a low altitude. But it’s not only in the Gripen fighter aircraft that systems always need to perform at their best. Combitech develops software and solutions for embedded systems in a raft of different product areas and sectors.

Combitech offers the entire spectrum of software and hardware expertise relating to embedded systems. Our skills include everything from advanced PCB design, to driver and application development in real-time critical systems and open source frameworks. We have extensive experience in versatile systems where fault-free operation is essential, for example in cars and military aircraft.

With Combitech as your partner you will have access to experienced and creative development teams that can quickly get up to speed with new assignments and transform your needs into solutions. We have effective development environments and tool chains, as well as specialist skills in Open Source (e.g. Linux), model-based system engineering (MBSE), security and DevOps.

We supply expertise throughout the systems development process and can take responsibility for the entire project, or parts of your project. You can also call in our specialists to provide added skills, or during peak times.

Our service areas in Embedded electronics & Software:

  • Communication
  • Batteries and charging
  • Embedded web servers
  • Screen and display
  • Electronic design and construction
  • Real-time critical systems
  • Firmware programming
  • Power management
  • Embedded Linux, Android, CE, etc.
  • GUI/HMI/QT etc.
  • Testing and validation
  • Technical documentation
  • Continuous delivery
  • Integration
  • Signal processing

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