By optimizing the product for industrialization right from the start, you are helping make your manufacturing processes more cost-effective and speeding up time to market. Combitech can guide you throughout the entire development project.

The central element of industrialization is to develop robust products using cost-effective designs that can withstand anticipated process variations and satisfy imposed requirements. Making robust products requires an integrated approach, which includes industrialization as a natural element of the product development process.

Combitech offers expertise at all stages of the product lifecycle. We can take overall development responsibility, implementing and balancing industrialization requirements against other technical features and product requirements. Our offering is founded on many years’ experience from the defence and automotive industries, which we have successfully transferred to several other areas of the manufacturing industry. We’ve also implemented entire product development projects in which we have served as the development department for our customers.

In addition, Combitech can provide a development centre service, combining expertise within design, calculation, electronics and software, as well as industrialization. The centre has the skills and capacity to take on complete development assignments.

Our service areas in Industrialization:

  • DFA/DFM (Design for Assembly/Manufacturing)
  • Dimensional management
  • Production planning
  • Forming analysis
  • Access & ergonomic simulation
  • Tools and fixture design
  • Lean

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