Mechanical design

Products have rapidly become more sophisticated, with increased demands for built-in robust electronics, more advanced functions, intelligent and attractive design and a heightened focus on the user experience. This means that design work has become both more interesting and more complex. Combitech helps you develop the products of the future.

Combitech’s product developers adopt a comprehensive approach that extends over the entire lifecycle of the product, from the concept stage to manufacture and final phasing out. We look at the design from all relevant perspectives – purchasing, quality, user benefit, ergonomics, industrial design, production properties, testing and verification, material properties, product cost and so on. This approach makes the development work more efficient, while increasing value for the end customer.

We work virtually throughout the whole product lifecycle, simulating all stages of production and ensuring that the product is developed correctly from the start. As part of this work, we apply the very latest methods and tools for virtual product development and we have extensive experience working with an entirely model-based approach. This means that all product and production information is linked to the 3D model for effective visualization of both the details and the product as a whole.

The consultancy solution is determined by your needs, and we are able to supply the skills required in the form of, for example, a satellite arrangement, consultants on site, package assignments or volume solutions.

Our service areas in Mechanical Design:

  • Virtual development
  • Welded constructions
  • Plastic construction
  • Piping construction
  • Harness design (electrical engineering)
  • Power systems design
  • System installation
  • Tools

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