Model Based Enterprise

Model Based Enterprise (MBE) is about optimizing all stages of the value chain by adopting a model-based approach – from concept to finished product and aftermarket.

Combitech MBE involves applying a model-based approach throughout the value chain, and connecting the project’s data to the 3D model. This allows everyone involved in the project access to accurate and up-to-date information. Changes to the model take effect immediately, and it’s possible to work in parallel processes with frequent iterations, which contributes to shorter development times, lower costs and improved control of the whole development project. The 3D model is also easy to understand and facilitates endorsement and decision-making at all levels.

Combitech’s MBE concept is the result of our long-standing relationship with Saab around the development of the Gripen fighter, one of the world’s most modern and most competitive aircraft systems. We have also cross-fertilized this experience with the equivalent expertise from the automotive industry, which together with the aviation industry is the furthest ahead in the application of model-based approaches. Our unique experience, combined with know-how from each sector makes Combitech a leading expert in the Nordic region in Model Based Enterprise.

Our service areas in Model Based Enterprise(MBE):

  • MBE – Model Based Enterprise
  • MBSE – Model Based System Engineering
  • MBD – Model Based Definition
  • MBM – Model Based Manufacturing
  • MBS – Model Based Sustainment

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