Product certification

Product certification provides confirmation that a product satisfies the necessary requirements. A kind of quality stamp, if you like. Combitech is an independent operator that creates the right conditions for international certifications.

Combitech’s independence allows us to investigate products objectively and guide you through certification processes regarding security, electrical and audio environments. Many years of experience and working with international partners combine to make us a reliable long-term partner for global product certification.

Our accredited lab resources are a strong factor in this context. For example, we offer an EMC lab (electromagnetic compatibility), audio lab and emission security lab. Furthermore, we are accredited for product certification in accordance with encryption for the alarm standards EN 50136-1-1:1998, as well as SS-EN ISO/IEC 17025, 17065, 27001 etc.

Finally, Combitech is licenced to evaluate IT security in accordance with the international IT security standard Common Criteria (CC). Our evaluation department, ITSEF (IT Security Evaluation Facility), includes several services related to products and systems.

Our service areas in Product Certification:

  • Common Criteria
  • Audio lab
  • Emission security/Tempest
  • EMC
  • Alarm standards
  • Methodology
  • Security investigation

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