Product safety

A system must always be designed to satisfy laws and regulations, and in a way that minimizes the risk of accidents. Combitech leads and implements safety work for entire technical systems or for parts of systems.

Creating technical systems that are safe for users and their environment sets the bar high for security awareness and expertise relating to all relevant aspects of system safety. For example, machine safety, function safety, software security, process safety, CE marking and domain-specific standards, such as Eurocontrol for air navigation safety.

Combitech provides solid safety technology expertise in all these areas, as well as risk analysis and risk management. We also bring a comprehensive understanding and expertise based on many years of experience in domains such as aviation, rail and the processing industry.

Each assignment is based on the relevant legal stipulations, directives and requirement specifications, and we often take an integrated approach involving specialists in mechanics, electronics, fire safety, radiation calculation, strength calculation and reliability. Integration of existing CE-marked systems into newly-developed applications is also included in our service portfolio.

Our service areas in Product Safety:

  • System safety
  • Air safety
  • Software security
  • Vehicle safety
  • CE marking
  • Machinery directive
  • Installation safety

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