Success or flop? With visualization we can help you cost-effectively evaluate and firm up product ideas at an early stage.

Evaluating product ideas early on is extremely useful as it helps avoid investing time and money in the ‘wrong’ products, or design mistakes that can prove costly further down the line.

In some cases, 3D animation films may be appropriate to illustrate a concept, particularly if the product features advanced functions or is part of a larger ecosystem. We can produce all manner of visual aids using the product concept’s 3D model as a basis; create images, animated films or prototypes for various purposes, such as internal evaluation and endorsement, and externally for trade fairs and other sales initiatives. Or perhaps build up an entire virtual reality. All in the most cost-effective way possible.

Combitech uses the same visualization techniques that we use in high-tech projects for Saab, for example AR and VR. Using 3D printers we can help you develop prototypes and demos that allow you to test key functions and assess strengths and weaknesses.

Our service areas in Visualization:

  • Prototypes/demos
  • Film/animation
  • 3D and animation team
  • Visualization team
  • Augmented reality
  • Virtual reality

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