Connection & management systems

Combitech has unique experience of communication solutions that are able to cope with the very toughest challenges. For example, in difficult environments or in the event of crises in society, authorities and companies.

Safeguarding command and control systems regardless of the situation requires a meticulous analysis of everything from risks and conditions in the physical environment, to technical challenges, integration needs, and of course, the need for functioning information and communication systems.

Combitech offers end-to-end solutions, skills and services in the areas of interoperability, challenging environments and management systems. We help you analyse and take control of factors affecting or threatening your systems. We conduct studies, develop strategies and reinforce risk management. And we help analyse, procure and implement technical solutions and services that ensure requirement compliance and availability.

Our skills portfolio also includes specialist areas such as Rakel, crypto, EMC lab, electrical environment, antennae, acoustics, sensors and much more.


  • Concept studies and user environment
  • Project management and systems engineering
  • Command and interoperability analysis – Rakel
  • Administrative leader  and instructor training – Rakel
  • Procurement support and specification
  • Integration
  • Verification and validation
  • Telecom conflict and coexistence
  • Cyber Security and risk management
  • Radio systems, antennae and satellite communications
  • IP networks and transmission
  • Internet of Things, sensors and mobility
  • Rakel and WIS
  • Noise, electrical environment and EMC
  • Crisis preparedness

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