Telecoms & IT

Fast and available networks are a vital element of the digital, connected society. Combitech makes sure they are also future-proof.

There are no shortcuts to creating an infrastructure that can cope with a digital future. All forms of infrastructure for data and electronic communication – fixed, wireless, mobile, satellite-based, cloud-based – need to be capable of handling long-term requirements for security, availability and expandability. Networks and equipment that cannot cope with these requirements will need to be upgraded, decommissioned or replaced.

Combitech is a comprehensive partner within future-proof electronic communication and infrastructure. We bring independent expertise and knowledge of all platforms, systems and technology generations. We ensure efficient operation and establish strategies for continual development. And we make sure that networks and solutions comply with laws, regulations and standards.

In existing networks, we help you enhance performance and security, upgrade to new technology, integrate various systems and platforms or phase them out. For new networks, we provide support throughout the process, from concept studies to procurement support and final verification and validation.


  • Concept studies and user environment
  • Project management and systems development
  • Procurement support and specification
  • Integration
  • Verification and validation
  • Documentation and training
  • Telecom conflict and coexistence
  • Cyber Security and risk management
  • Radio systems, antennae and satellite communications
  • IP networks and transmission
  • Internet of Things, sensors and mobility

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