System and Software Engineering

At Combitech, we have extensive experience in the development and maintenance of safety-critical systems - from individual components to larger complex and integrated system solutions. All in accordance with current safety standards. Historically, our activities have primarily been within the aviation and defence industry, but the scope of the business area has broadened over time, and we have acquired considerable experience from other industries, such as heavy machinery and road vehicles.

Our expertise covers all phases of system development:

  • Development planning – development stages and activities, system maturity and traceability
  • Concept studies
  • Requirements management – definition and break-down
  • Architecture & design – architectural (safety-critical) principles and modelling
  • Implementation & integration – coding, code review, building environments, modelling, SW/SW and SW/HW integration
  • Verification & validation – testing, analysis, simulation, and review
  • Tool development – verification and development tools as well as tool qualification