Successful logistics management is based on a comprehensive approach. To that we add research-based skills and experiences from two of the world’s toughest industries: Aviation and vehicles.

Global competition, increasingly fast product launches and technically complex products impose stringent demands on flows of materials, goods and information to be efficient, cost-effective and secure. With the right logistics strategies and solutions, you will contribute to your company’s competitiveness and profitability.

We help you evaluate, improve and develop the parts required to ensure effective logistics management. Strategies and system support, methods and processes, employees with the right skills, the right structure in operations and links with the company’s overall strategies – particularly the digital strategy.

As part of efforts to achieve more efficient operations we apply modelling, systematic layout planning and simulation, along with methods such as Lean, 5S and Kanban. Furthermore, we can provide support with requirement specification, choice and implementation of systems support such as ERP or MRP. One key advantage we have in this context is that we are independent of systems and product suppliers. So you get exactly the help you need. It’s more effective that way.

Our service areas in Logistics:

  • Strategy and concept development
  • Logistics development
  • Flow efficiency
  • Material planning
  • Methods: Lean, 5S, Kanban and Six Sigma

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