Efficient purchasing forms the basis of cost-effective processes, attractive products and ultimately, profitable business transactions. We help you enhance your company’s purchasing operations, adopting a total cost perspective.

In a market demanding short product lifecycles, faster flows and more customization, purchasing needs to be both efficient and precise. The purchaser’s role in product development, design and aftermarket service has also changed as a result. In other words, the complexity has increased dramatically.

Focusing on the product lifecycle and total cost, we help you optimize your purchasing function and create structure and reliability, from strategy, goals and guidelines, to the development of processes, approaches and skills at an individual level. And naturally we support you tactically with procurement, negotiations and contract work, for example.

We also offer a procurement method for competitive dialogue in accordance with the Public Procurement Act (LOU) to compare different offerings from suppliers. We call it agile purchasing and the method is particularly appropriate for purchasing situations in which there is a complex set of needs. Agile purchasing focuses on effect and function rather than on technology and products. The benefit is a shorter time from requirement to delivered operational capability, as well as lower costs and reduced risk.

Our service areas in Purchasing:

  • Strategy and concept development
  • Strategic and tactical purchasing
  • Prototype- and project-based purchasing
  • Supplier evaluation
  • Calculation and total cost analyses
  • Contract writing and procurement
  • Agile purchasing
  • Competitive dialogue

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