Supplier development

It’s not the lowest price that cuts your costs. We help you foster improved and more qualitative supplier relationships that contribute to your company’s development, both commercially and in terms of your brand.

A flexible and dynamic value chain comes from having suppliers who don’t just supply you with the right deliveries, at the right quality and on time. They are probably also key partners in your product development and at many other stages of the product lifecycle. If, in addition, your supplier is exposed to your customer in aftermarket deals, it’s extremely important for you both to have a shared approach to the transaction and the relationship with the end customer.

We help you create conditions for efficient and rewarding supplier relationships that also save money. Focusing on quality, cost and efficient flows, we improve processes and relationships in close partnership with you and your suppliers. We offer tools, methods and services for supplier assessments and benchmarks, designing strategies for suppliers and product ranges, supplier eligibility, successful procurement and relationship development. We also offer improvement initiatives on site with suppliers as needed.

Our service areas in Supplier Development:

  • Eligibility
  • Evaluations
  • Improvement initiatives
  • Relationship management

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