Air Traffic Management

Combitech’s substantial range of skills within Air Traffic Management helps aviation authorities, airports and the aviation industry create conditions for greater efficiency, availability and safety.

Combitech provides both technical and operational expertise in the field of Air Traffic Management. Our offering is based on many years of experience working on advanced product development assignments in both civil and military aviation, combined with leading expertise within Cyber Security and digital transformation. We are also an independent consultancy capable of cooperating with all suppliers of products and systems.

Our services include specialist expertise in, for example, architecture, robust communicationssystem integrationsystems development, safety, Cyber Security, project management, SESAR and business development. On top of that there are future areas such as AI, autonomous systems and system and service deliveries to remote towers.


  • System integration
  • Systems development
  • Validation, business and enterprise architecture
  • Communication
  • SESAR expertise
  • Project management, business development and management
  • ATM Safety, system safety and safety culture
  • Cyber Security

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