IT for all weathers & roads

Sensors and systems for monitoring traffic, the state of the roads and weather need to withstand a fair amount, particularly cold snaps, snow and ice. Combitech are experts in sensor integration and the development of systems able to cope with challenging weather conditions and vibrations, in tough environments that lack standard communication systems and power supply. All systems are adapted individually to match current requirement specifications and local conditions.

Our solutions are independent and based on a proprietary sensor platform that can cope with the most stringent requirements in terms of reliability, safety, availability and low maintenance costs. One example is our weather data system, which compiles data directly from roads or railways. We also supply solutions for systems for monitoring ice and variable speed limit systems depending on the state of the road.

Our consultants take on overall responsibility for your development project and also offer expertise within autonomous systems, journey planning systems, communication solutions and analysis of safety/security. We have many years’ experience working with assignments and collaborating with traffic authorities and the automotive industry, both in Sweden and abroad. We also have considerable opportunities to customize development work to perfectly match your needs. 

Our service areas in IT for all weathers & roads:

  • System integration
  • Architecture and validation
  • Communication
  • Project management
  • Traffic safety (zero vision)
  • System safety and safety culture
  • Cyber Security

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