Hi there! Curious about us?

Are you a student who’s curious about the world of work just around the corner? Come by and meet us. We’re curious about you and are always on the lookout for new talents.

We arrange study visits, invited speakers and corporate evening meetings so that you, as a student, can get an insight into our corporate culture and operations. Contact your local student representative to find out what’s happening near you. These people are our consultants, but still have fresh memories of their student experiences.


Combitech participates in several trade fairs and recruitment days every year. We also participate in smaller meetings that are arranged locally. For more information, just contact our student ambassadors in the list below.


Are you thinking about doing your thesis project (examensarbete) at Combitech? Maybe you’re attracted to Cyber Security? Software development? Or something completely different? We have a wide range of topics on offer.

Doing your thesis project with us is an excellent way to try out the consultant’s role, in an exciting assignment with one of our customers. You’ll get valuable experience, become familiar with Combitech, and also make contacts that might be significant in your future career.

Click here to reach our Open positions page (in Swedish only), where current positions are posted that are appropriate for thesis projects.


Are you an ambitious talent with a newly granted degree? Or are you about to finish your studies but want to start planning your next steps now? The Combitech Talent Programme is designed to accelerate your journey from talent to experienced consultant. The programme will be adapted to you and interweave customer assignments with competence development in several states. Read more about the Combitech Talent Programme.


Region Småland

Contact the student group in Växjö
Contact the student group in Jönköping

Blekinge Institute of Technology - Ellen Ericsson
Linnaeus University - Ellen Ericsson

Region West

Contact the student group in Gothenburg
Contact the student group in Trollhättan
Chalmers University of Technology - Vinzenz Bandi
University of Gothenburg - Karin Rönnbäck

Region East

Contact the student group in Linköping
Linköping University - Edin Kahriman and Robert Koria

Region Stockholm

KTH Royal Institute of Technology - John Chimbani
Uppsala University - Elin Jonsson
Stockholm University - Elin Jonsson
Swedish Defence University - Ulf Lepp

Region South

Faculty of Engineering LTH - Anna Plato
Malmö University - Anna Plato

Region Mid Sweden

Contact the student group in Mid Sweden
Örebro University - Thomas Eriksson and Annie Ström
Mälardalen University College - Thomas Eriksson and Annie Ström
Karlstad University - Thomas Eriksson and Annie Ström