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Engineer Resilience

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We stand on a solid legacy

With a legacy from the Swedish defence and security group Saab, we’ve had access to cutting edge technology and research since our founding in 1982. Since then, we’ve continued to work at the forefront of technology, using the power of technology, innovation and science to enable the industry, total defense and communities to withstand the challenges of tomorrow.

We are proud of our legacy, our long-term ties, and deep understanding  of the needs of the security and defense industries.

We live in a time of contrasts. From peace and stability to unrest and threats, both when it comes to geopolitics and climate change.

At Combitech, we have a strong track record in driving transformation that is secure, robust and scalable.

Emil Bromander, Business Area Manager, Combitech

I definitely feel that Combitech is at the technological forefront. As an employee, you have the opportunity to explore so many different types of technology, as we have such a wide range of assignments. You are also offered many occasions to see how our customers use the technology in practice. It is very enriching.

Jakob Bremer, Engineer Human Factors Integrations and Flight & System Safety, Combitech

In order to drive change and make an impact, we must always be at the forefront of what we do

With us, you get access to top-tier experts, secret environments, the newest technology and the latest research. It specifically means that you get to work with the world’s most exciting and challenging technology areas, such as AI, autonomous system engineering, and cyber security.

At Combitech, we are also trusted to help further develop the technology in other industries and sectors of society. For example, we establish the conditions for safe and secure digitalization of shipping. We make public transport safer and more efficient. We help fight pests from space and contribute to secure air traffic. 

These are just a few of the thousands of projects we at Combitech have the privilege to work on.

As an employee at Combitech, you always have a sense of our deep expertise in advanced technology. In our discussions with customers, we never feel limited by technology or think, ‘This is too difficult for us’. It is obvious that we are at the forefront of development. There are things that we can achieve now, that no one could a year ago.

Emil Bromander, Business Area Manager, Combitech  

Meet our people

Meet Emelie, technology consultant at Combitech, who currently works with developing software for the Gripen E aircraft. 

Resilience is about much more than military defense

It is about sustainable and secure technological development and cooperation across sectors to build a solid total defense, protecting key assets of society.

We come from the defense industry, and there is a lot of pride in how we provide deep technical expertise when we work with other sectors. Also, it goes the other way. We contribute with skills and knowledge to the defense industry. And yet, it always comes down to people, not technology. I am not passionate about the technology itself. I’m interested in what we can do with it.

Stina Svensson, Business Area Manager, Combitech

With us, you are so much more than a technical consultant

At Combitech, you are a shaper of a smart and resilient society.

Engineer Resilience

Do you want to become a shaper of a smart and resilient society? We have several open positions in many different locations in Sweden, Norway and Finland.