Shaping a smart and resilient society

Combitech is your Nordic partner for technical solutions and consulting services, with a focus on creating a smarter, more sustainable and resilient society.

We are accelerating the development of a smarter, more sustainable and more resilient society. Combining our solid experience within defence- and industry sectors, we contribute to society by enabling the industry, total defence and communities to withstand the challenges and leverage the opportunities of tomorrow.

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About us

As technology makes our lives easier, it also makes our world more complex. It requires us all to embrace and drive change. We are convinced that we can contribute to finding solutions to global challenges and the increasing need for security and safety through digitalization and collaborations across sectors.

At Combitech, we promise to stay one step ahead in this everchanging world to future-proof our society.  

News and updates

19 July 2024

Strong growth in the defence segment – Combitech responds to the serious security situation

During the second quarter, the Nordic tech-, solution-, and consulting partner Combitech continued to show profitable organic growth of 6 percent, with a 15 percent increase in the defence segment.

5 July 2024

Telenor Cyberdefence acquire Combitech’s operations in Norway

To meet growing customer demands in the defence area and industrial segment, Combitech is concentrating its operations to Sweden and Finland. As a consequence of the new strategic direction, Combitech’s Norwegian operations, Combitech AS, are acquired by Telenor Cyberdefence.

7 May 2024

Two Careers – One Passion

Finding a balance between work and leisure isn't always easy – unless, of course, your greatest passion happens to be the thing you work with. Meet Niklas Tinnsten, the illustrator and visual artist who dedicates almost all his waking hours to creating images.

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