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We are accelerating the development of a smarter, more sustainable and more resilient society. Combining our solid experience within defence- and industry sectors, we contribute to society by enabling the industry, total defence and communities to withstand the challenges and leverage the opportunities of tomorrow.

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As technology makes our lives easier, it also makes our world more complex. It requires us all to embrace and drive change. We are convinced that we can contribute to finding solutions to global challenges and the increasing need for security and safety through digitalization and collaborations across sectors.

At Combitech, we promise to stay one step ahead in this everchanging world to future-proof our society.  

News and updates

12 April 2024

From Student to Teamleader – Paving the Way for Future Talents

Transitioning from university studies to working full time can be a challenge. Meet Adina Valjakka, Teamleader and Software Developer at Combitech, equipped with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. Today, she plays a key role in fostering strong connections with current university students and creating valuable opportunities for seamless integration into the professional world.

08 March 2024

Meet three role models on International Women's Day

For us at Combitech, our employees are the core of our business. It's the people who drive change and create resilience. Today, on International Women's Day, we want to highlight some of them and tell you how we together accelerate a smart and resilient society.

27 February 2024

A career led by curiosity

Who says your workplace doesn’t allow change? Meet Petter Nordström, a professional at Combitech with a dynamic career journey. Relocating from Linköping to Luleå and embracing roles in several sectors, from the Legal department to the Cyber Security division – Petter exemplifies how following your inspiration and curiosity can lead to diverse opportunities, all within the same company walls. Let’s delve into his journey at Combitech.

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