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We at Combitech are accelerating the development of a smarter, more sustainable and more resilient society. Combining our solid experience within defence- and industry sectors, we contribute to society by enabling the industry, total defence and communities to withstand the challenges and leverage the opportunities of tomorrow.  


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Smart and Resilient Total Defence

We have a long heritage of working with civil and military defence together with authorities and industry. We use this cross-sectoral knowledge to build resilience – every day, all year round.

We do this by securing infrastructure, assets and communication flows, but also by developing solutions to strengthen nations and societies.

Smart and Secure Industry

Moving to a "smarter and more secure" industry is all about accelerating processes from data to decision, and then to value. By shortening time from data to realized value, time and resources are freed and capital equipment utilized far more efficient.

That´s what "smart and secure" industry is all about.

Smart and Sustainable Community  

As a leading business we are uniquely positioned to contribute towards achieving UN Sustainable Development Goal 11: "Sustainable Cities and Communities." Our commitment is reflected in our dedication to collaborate on all levels to inspire and implement the changes necessary to build a more sustainable and equitable society.

Our services and solutions

We accelerate development of a smarter, more sustainable and more resilient society. Our cross-functional teams share their experience and our combination of people and technology gives you access to innovative solutions and systems tailored to meet your requirements and needs.


Explore the opportunities, meet the people, learn about the opportunities, and experience how we contribute to a smarter and more resilient society.

Our Cases

Pest control from space with AI

To fight the spruce bark beetle, you need to identify infested spruce trees at an early stage. Together with Combitech, the Swedish Forest Agency has taken up the fight – from space – with the help of AI.

Smarter public transport for a more sustainable future

Today, enormous amounts of data generated in public transport is collected, forecasted and visualised with AI. For years, we have worked with Östgötatrafiken for smarter and safer travel, supporting a more sustainable community.

Secure digitalization creates advantages for the maritime sector

The only operational entity with a standardised and secure platform for digital maritime services based on the Maritime Connectivity Platform, enabling all connected operators to find each other and explore each other’s services in a reliable process.

About us

As technology makes our lives easier, it also makes our world more complex. It requires us all to embrace and drive change. We contribute to find solutions to global challenges and the increasing need for security and safety through digitalization and collaborations across sectors, and promise to stay one step ahead in this everchanging world to future-proof our society. 

Courses - built on our experience

We facilitate knowledge exchange across industries to foster a safer and more resilient society. By learning from each other, we enhance our preparedness for future challenges.

At Combitech, skill development is paramount. Our courses, led by our experienced employees from diverse sectors, offer real-world insights to participants, fostering collaboration and collective success.

Engineer Resilience

Do you want to become a shaper of a smart and resilient society? We have several open positions in many different locations in Sweden, Norway and Finland.