Freedom and room for life

Engineer Resilience

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A culture to be proud of

With knowledge and skills from many sharp minds we share insights, ideas and boost each other. We pride ourselves in our humble, caring and respectful work environment, where equal opportunities, collaboration and great colleagues are key components of why we love coming to work every day.

I started at Combitech as a consultant and have since become a manager. I am a value-driven person, and I really feel that I have been given the opportunity to become the leader I want to be, putting relationships and people at the very center. You don't have to be the tough, hard boss. It is perfectly possible to achieve results in other ways.

Stina Svensson, Business Area Manager, Combitech

Our culture is not a typical consulting culture, where you work a lot alone and compete with one other. On the contrary, we are characterized by cooperation. Everyone is important and every person can contribute in a way that matters. We do celebrate our achievements, but above all we take pride in our team efforts. 

Emil Bromander, Business Area Manager, Combitech

Combitech has over 2 200 experts in over 30 locations in Sweden, Finland and Norway

For our employees, this means unique opportunities for career development, but also the freedom to choose where to live. No matter where you are based, Combitech is within reach. With us, you can change location without changing jobs.

I attended university in Linköping and got a job at Combitech in Umeå after my studies. For me, it was a good feeling to know that if I wanted to move again, I could do so without having to leave Combitech. It is definitely a strength that the company is so large and is located in so many places.  

Lisa Rönnqvist, UX Designer, Combitech

Our people are key in shaping a smart and resilient society

It’s people who leverage technology and make the real impact. But we also know that to excel at your work, you must have room for your life. Therefore, we encourage a healthy balance between work and recreation, between professional commitment and family life.

This sets the stage for how we get things done at Combitech: we enable you to excel at your job without losing touch with your life.

I have a wife and two children and have always been able to have a flexible work life. I can work from home if I need to, I manage my own time and have the freedom to organize my tasks in a way that works for me and my family.

Jakob Bremer, Engineer Human Factors Integrations and Flight & System Safety, Combitech

Engineer Resilience

Do you want to become a shaper of a smart and resilient society? We have several open positions in many different locations in Sweden, Norway and Finland.