Meet three role models on International Women's Day

08 March 2024

For us at Combitech, our employees are the core of our business. It's the people who drive change and create resilience. Today, on International Women's Day, we want to highlight some of them and tell you how we together accelerate a smart and resilient society.

At Combitech, we work within areas such as the development of a robust and resilient total defense, smart and efficient industry and a sustainable society. This means that we always work with people, technology and change combined. The tasks are varied, and the days often look different. Here are some examples of what the everyday life at Combitech can look like at Combitech:



I work to develop Sweden's ability to handle crises, for example for the telecom sector. Working with security and defense is incredibly developing and educational. Although the sector has traditionally been male dominated, there have been major changes in the last fifteen years, and at our unit the gender distribution is 50/50, there is room for everyone.

Kajsa Helmbring, Senior Advisor in civil defense.



I work with strategic and operational issues for our customers and employees. Now we are preparing an inspirational lecture on product development for high school students. This is a very interesting industry with many great colleagues and exciting projects – so welcome to share that journey with me and my colleagues!

Emma Wikström, Business Area Manager, development center and Office Manager in Trollhättan.



I work with results and project management. My days usually consists of the management of costs and system issues, as well as collaboration with managers and project managers where results and project management are discussed. We work in an industry that is exciting and extremely important, but we need more girls.

Emma Thern, controller and group manager at the finance department.



A continuous work

We work with diversity and inclusion because we know it's right; it's right based on our core values, and it's right based on the impact we want to have on the world. By working with diversity and inclusion, we build a company that we can stand for and want to be a part of. This is something we do together, all the time, in every situation. Diversity and inclusion aren’t something we talk about once – it's an ongoing conversation that keeps us on the right path.  

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