Smart and Secure Industry

Accelerating your processes

Rapid advances in technology accelerates the transformation to a fully secure and digital industry. Harvesting the benefits of more effective and sustainable production, a "smart and secure" industry, are now vital to both organisation and society.

Transformation is all about accelerating processes from data to decision, and then to value. By shortening time from data to realized value, time and resources are freed and capital equipment utilized far more efficient. That´s what "smart and secure" industry is all about.






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Accelerating your smart and secure manufacturing

Moving to a smarter industry is all about accelerating processes from data to decision, onwards to value, regardless of where you are in the digitalisation of your organisation.

By shortening the time from data to realized value, time and resources are freed and capital equipment is utilized far more efficient.

Regardless of the starting point, as an organisation, moving to a smarter and more secure industry entails building real value by establishing a holistic strategy and plan for change and digitalisation, structuring and implementing actionable and integrated data flow processes, while maintaining secure and reliable connectivity throughout.

Efficiency, flexibility, innovation

Utilizing 5G, private networks, digital twins, and smart production systems, will make operations more effective, flexible, and secure, and enhance cross-functional communication and collaboration.

Collaboration drives the process, encouraging and inspiring your digital transformation, and together in cross-functional teams we work to implement your approach to smart and secure industry.

This increases efficiency in processes, routines and systems, adds flexibility and adaptability, aligns better with organisational goals and visions, adapts to emerging technologies, support scalability, all while remaining an attractive employer.

Building a culture

Our people are our greatest assets, and the broad experience of our cross-functional teams will add value to your digital transformation, all while maintaining today’s production level. With a legacy and solid expertise from high-tech industry, such as Saab, LKAB, and Epiroc, you are ensured the right level of skills and competencies tailored at your needs.

We are at the forefront of technology integration, enabling new and legacy systems to operate seamless in a secure way, increasing value in your operations. We have the power and expertise to lead full, complex, high speed and sustainable transformation programmes within multiple industry sectors.

We build your processes on the combined power of people and technology – let’s get started!

Our Cases

Pest control from space with AI

To fight the spruce bark beetle, you need to identify infested spruce trees at an early stage. Together with Combitech, the Swedish Forest Agency has taken up the fight – from space – with the help of AI.

Smarter public transport for a more sustainable future

Today, enormous amounts of data generated in public transport is collected, forecasted and visualised with AI. For years, we have worked with Östgötatrafiken for smarter and safer travel, supporting a more sustainable community.

Secure digitalization creates advantages for the maritime sector

The only operational entity with a standardised and secure platform for digital maritime services based on the Maritime Connectivity Platform, enabling all connected operators to find each other and explore each other’s services in a reliable process.

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