Smart and Sustainable Community

Through technology and people, we contribute to improved processes and increased efficiency, all with attention to a greener transition.

Our experts will be your partners in weaving sustainability into the fabric of your business, empowering a smarter and more sustainable community together.

Together, we craft strategies that don't just tick boxes but make a tangible difference - for your business, our society, and the planet. Together, we will shape your organization´s future, turning your sustainability goals into impactful actions, creating a legacy that matters.

A smarter and more sustainable community is a more resilient community.


friends of the Earth


eco-friendly offices


reduction in CO2 emissions

Digitalization - for a more sustainble community

Together with our customers and partners, we find solutions to today's sustainability challenges.

Whether it is... contributing to a carbon-free mining industry through autonomy, utilizing microwave technology for electrified cement production, reducing Sweden's total carbon dioxide emissions, streamlining recycling with the help of machine vision,

...or through AR solutions that enable support-technicians to assist remotely,

we are proud of our contribution to a more sustainble community.

Strengthening our civilian, military, and cyber defence

At Combitech, we actively contribute to a safe, sustainable, and resilient society. We are the largest defense consultant in the Nordic region.

When working with societal protection and preparedness, we assist public and private organizations in planning and preparing to mitigate risk and prevent damage in the event of threats, natural disasters, or cyber attacks.

As cybersecurity encompasses our digital landscape, our experts support businesses and government agencies securing their values at risk.

We help future-proof communication networks, secure electricity and energy supply, weather observation systems for airports, secure banking transactions, and safety for autonomous vehicles.

Our Cases

Pest control from space with AI

To fight the spruce bark beetle, you need to identify infested spruce trees at an early stage. Together with Combitech, the Swedish Forest Agency has taken up the fight – from space – with the help of AI.

Smarter public transport for a more sustainable future

Today, enormous amounts of data generated in public transport is collected, forecasted and visualised with AI. For years, we have worked with Östgötatrafiken for smarter and safer travel, supporting a more sustainable community.

Secure digitalization creates advantages for the maritime sector

The only operational entity with a standardised and secure platform for digital maritime services based on the Maritime Connectivity Platform, enabling all connected operators to find each other and explore each other’s services in a reliable process.

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