Smart and Resilient Total Defence

We use our cross-sectoral knowledge to build resilience – every day, all year

We care about a society where we as individuals, public activities, companies and non-profit organizations together build up what is our everyday life. For us, resilience is broader than the traditional defence system. It is also about preparedness, training, technology development and creating a total defence collaboration to protect society’s key assets.

At Combitech we combining our solid experience within the defence and manufacturing sectors, we contribute to society by enabling industries, communities, and the total defence system to withstand the challenges of tomorrow. 


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Strengthening our security posture

With more than 70 years of experience in methods and technology development, both military and civilian, we support customers with:

  • Preparedness och planning for support under disturbed conditions or during heightened readiness for the supply of critical supplies, property and services.
  • Strengthening methods, equipment and technical systems for collaboration that meets the high requirements for confidentiality and robustness.
  • Protection of society's and businesses critical assets and vulnerable infrastructure.
  • Meeting the requirements and level of preparedness that the European Union and NATO entails.  

Six steps for heightened readiness

  • Identify measures – our experience adds value to the evaluation of your action plan and working methods.
  • Analyze critical operations – we help you map resources, dependencies and processes.
  • Operating in times of crisis – our experts will support you with preparation, planning and organization of your crisis measures.
  • Secure access to critical resources – together we analyse your investment priorities and contracts from a total defense perspective.
  • Practice to build capability – we provide exercises based on your organization´s needs.

By conducting preparedness work and continuity planning, organisations can identify new business opportunities while strengthening society.

The Total Defence Report

Combitech conducts an annual survey to see how decision-makers in the business sector view their role in total defence. The report refers to Swedish society, but some insights are interesting from a Nordic perspective. The aim is to highlight the important role of companies and their ability to contribute to a modern and resilient society.

The 2023 survey showed that only 10 percent are adequately prepared, but 70 percent want to learn more. The commitment is there, how do we take advantage of it?

Every second decision-maker in the survey believes that it is important to contribute to total defence, while 77 percent state that there is a lack of clarity as to how to do so. There is great potential here and we need to create the conditions and act now!
Mikael Krusenberg, Head of Security Solutions, Combitech

Total Defence Day

At the Total Defence Day, we gather critical societal functions to build resilience together. We've been doing this over the years (2019, 2020, 2022 and 2024) which means that we can see and talk about the change that has taken place within total defence, both through in-depth insights and collaboration, but also due to the global situation. Take some time to recap some of the previous discussions and insights.

Insights from Total Defence Day 2024. (Swedish)

Insights from Total Defence Day 2022. (Swedish)

Build insights through practice

How do businesses work together to prioritise resources and find solutions to disruptions, crises and difficult situations? What happens in a situation where societal functions are strained and threatened? To succeed, you need to work together, but you also need to practice together. We have developed the Total Defence Game - a physical map game that creates participation, clarity and dialogue. 

The total defense game can be played in both larger and smaller contexts, with several activities present or specific to one activity. 

It makes me proud and hopeful that more and more people want to be involved in building resilience and strengthening our communities and businesses, which is more important than ever.
Jessica Öberg, CEO Combitech

Our Stories

Pest control from space with AI

To fight the spruce bark beetle, you need to identify infested spruce trees at an early stage. Together with Combitech, the Swedish Forest Agency has taken up the fight – from space – with the help of AI.

Smarter public transport for a more sustainable future

Today, enormous amounts of data generated in public transport is collected, forecasted and visualised with AI. For years, we have worked with Östgötatrafiken for smarter and safer travel, supporting a more sustainable community.

Secure digitalization creates advantages for the maritime sector

The only operational entity with a standardised and secure platform for digital maritime services based on the Maritime Connectivity Platform, enabling all connected operators to find each other and explore each other’s services in a reliable process.