Diversity and Inclusion

Because it's the right thing to do

We work with Diversity and Inclusion because we know it's the right thing to do; it's right based on our core values, and it's right based on which impact we want to make on the world. By working with Diversity and inclusion, we build a company that we can stand for and want to be part of. 

This is something we do together, all the time, in every situation. Diversity and inclusion is not something we talk about once - it's an ongoing conversation that keeps us on the right path.

The home for human superpower

Our work with Diversity and Inclusion is based on our vision "the home for human superpower". For us, our people are key in shaping a smart and resilient society. It’s the power of collective intelligence and the strength that emerges when individuals with diverse skills and perspectives come together that will make the difference.

That’s why we focus on diversity and inclusion – because we know it increases creativity, boosts innovation and results in higher engagement, performance and wellbeing – and because we know it’s the right thing to do.


I think it's incredibly rewarding to work at a company where diversity and inclusion is taken seriously. Maybe we can't change everything over night - but it's clear we want to make an impact in the long run. Just look at our partnership with Mattecentrum for example, it's a great way to create a more diverse future workforce.


Klara Ferngren Ådemark, Communications Specialist, Combitech

Our partnership for a democratic and equal society

We know that people in socially deprived areas are less likely to apply to tech programmes, instead, it's the people in wealthy areas that study to become engineers. We also know that not enough girls go on to study engineering, causing a significant lack of diversity within current and upcoming engineers. In short, this results in an industry with not enough perspectives and experiences to identify the need of and create solutions for what is necessary for our society as a whole.

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