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Engineer Resilience

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We invest in our people

At Combitech, we have a clear commitment: we invest in our people. Our customers expect us to be at the absolute forefront and to be able to solve even the most difficult problems. Therefore, we need to constantly develop as a company, as a team, and as individuals.

With us, you have multiple opportunities to pursue a career, deepen your expertise, and challenge yourself as a leader. We like to say that you can change jobs without changing your employer. You can work with a broad variety of sectors, industries, technologies, clients, and projects.

I really feel that Combitech is investing in me and the development of my skills. If I have an idea about how I want to develop my competence, I also get support from my managers. 

In addition to the fact that it is, of course, fun to attend high-quality courses and feel that you are developing, the Combitech course weeks are key to creating a strong network within the company. It is really rewarding, personally and professionally.

Jakob Bremer, Engineer Human Factors Integrations and Flight & System Safety

Meet our people

Meet Lina, senior consultant in crisis management, who works with everything from conducting courses in crisis management methods, crisis communication, to managing larger exercises and evaluating how organizations handle societal disturbances.

We take pride in the development of our employees

That’s why all the people at Combitech have access to continuous, ambitious, and extensive skills development. There is time and budget set aside to make it happen.

One example is Combitech’s course weeks, which are held twice a year. Here, all employees are offered various types of training and skills development, network meetings and forums for exchanging experiences. The courses may be about business acumen, project management, coaching and team leadership. But there are also plenty of technical courses where you have the opportunity to immerse yourself further in a particular area of technology – and meet other Combitech employees who share the same interests and driving forces.

I would say that we stand out among many other consulting companies. We don't just offer competence development or talk about it with our employees. We go all the way and do it for real. This is something you can call us out on anytime.

Stina Svensson, Business Area Manager, Combitech

At Combitech, there are very few limits. The possibilities for personal development are practically endless. There are so many talented people to collaborate with and get inspiration from. And I've never heard of anyone coming up with a good idea and not being allowed to do it. I would say we have almost like an entrepreneurial culture where we push forward and explore together.

Emil Bromander, Business Area Manager, Combitech

Continuous personal and professional development

In addition to the course weeks, we offer our employees a number of tailor-made competence development programs, such as mentoring programs and the Combitech Talent Program. Here, participants meet at 10 different seminars over two years and spend time reflecting, discussing and exchanging experiences.

Our Talent Program

Our talent program is designed to accelerate your journey from junior talent to experienced consultant. With us, you can choose from many different journeys - no matter what your ambitions are. 

I have really appreciated the fact that the training programs are not only about skills development in terms of technology or specific professional areas but also personal development. I took a course on how to best approach the consultant role, how to work smart, how to prioritize your work, and how to navigate the expectations of both employers and clients.

Lisa Rönnqvist, UX Designer, Combitech

Engineer Resilience

Do you want to become a shaper of a smart and resilient society? We have several open positions in many different locations in Sweden, Norway and Finland.