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Are you a student who’s curious about the world of work just around the corner? We’re curious about you and are always on the lookout for new talents.

As I was approaching the end of my education, I felt that I wanted to work on things that are valuable to society. I entered cognitive science after working in home care, realizing how important it is that such services do not fall behind in the technological development. This sparked an interest in developing technology for societally important customers, just like Combitech does.


Lisa Rönnqvist, UX Designer, Combitech


Personal & professional development

At Combitech, we have a clear commitment: we invest in our people. Our customers expect us to be at the absolute forefront and to be able to solve even the most difficult problems. Therefore, we need to constantly develop as a company, as a team, and as individuals.

With us, you have multiple opportunities to pursue a career, deepen your expertise, and challenge yourself as a leader. We like to say that you can change jobs without changing your employer. You can work with a broad variety of sectors, industries, technologies, clients, and projects.

Our talent program

Are you a driven talent with a recent degree in your back pocket? Or about to finish your studies, and want to plan the next step on your journey?

The program is designed to accelerate your development from talent to experienced consultant. In parallel with a customer assignment, you participate in different kinds of skills development activities. The content is adapted to your assignment and your skills profile. Step by step, you will broaden and deepen your knowledge and experience, while learning from both your own and others' experiences.

Become more experienced and proficient, gain confidence and independence, collaborate, take responsibility, and gain experience from your own, and your peers' work.

12-24 months of experience development

The program runs over 18-24 months and includes three parallel tracks of competence-developing activities:

  • Knowledge boost - further education within your field of expertise
  • People skills - courses in business acumen and leadership
  • Experience development - learning from peer experiences


Thesis Projects & Internships

Our organization is wide and our knowledge spans over several sectors and industries. Maybe you're interested in cyber security, software development, total defence or perhaps something completely different? You find all current internships and thesis projects in the list of available jobs.




Locations to choose from



Engineer Resilience

Do you want to become a shaper of a smart and resilient society? We have several open positions in many different locations in Sweden, Norway and Finland.