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Shaping a smart and resilient society

With 70+ years of pioneering experience, we guide you through risk, complexity, and digital transformations, ensuring resilient and secure operations.

We leverage cutting-edge technologies while prioritizing security, sustainability, and competitiveness. Our R&D passion and industry insights drive your digital evolution, streamline processes, and protect your assets.

Through our safe solutions, your organization is primed to tackle today's and tomorrow's challenges. Our blend of expertise and technology supports your strategies effectively.

Let's harness data, digitalization, and advanced analytics for new opportunities, operational agility, and a smarter, sustainable future.


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Aftermarket and Supply Chain Management

Clear product information heightens user experience, and our user-centric approach adds value to your offering. We assist you all the way from aftermarket strategy to packaged solutions.

Together, we develop innovative aftermarket services and concepts, based on quality data, always with the users in mind.

Connectivity and System Integration

The real value of any offering lies in the combination of data and software, and the ability to shorten development cycles and increase customer deliveries without compromising security.

With 70+ years of experience across multiple sectors, we are deeply committed to handle risk and complexity, while delivering quality.


Resilience is about identifying your values at risk and addressing the security chain.

Today, stakeholders are expected to understand, manage, and mitigate risks, while at the same time maintaining compliance in an everchanging regulatory landscape. We help you identify risks and apply the right level of protection to increase your overall security posture.

Our Defence Capabilities

As one of the leading service providers in defence, we apply our cutting-edge expertise and wealth of experience to assist Armed Forces, Defence Materiel Administrations and the defence industry develop systems and capabilities for a more resilient society.

We understand the defence sector, offering an exclusive combination of skill and breadth of knowledge within all segments – Command and Control, Air, Sea and Land.

See more of our capabilities within the segments of Command and Control, Electronic Warfare, Military Logistics, and Training and Simulation.

Engineering Development

The road to smarter, more secure, and continuously innovative engineering implies merging digitalization and innovation with your culture and strategy, all while recognizing the importance of risk management and continuity.

With safety-critical systems you reduce the risk of system error consequences, and our cross-functional teams ensure you remain compliant and equipped to face the digital evolution.

Traffic Management and Autonomy

Going digital raises demands for safety and environmental compliance, alongside a comprehensive explosion of software, heightened competition, and demands of even shorter time to market.

Life-cycle support from experienced and creative development teams is key to progress, and we are with you on all levels of your organization’s autonomy.

Digitalization and Analytics

Strengthened competitiveness, streamlined processes, and a smarter, more sustainable, and more resilient organization, are just some benefits from a well-planned and executed digital transformation.

Our experiences from transformations in aviation, defense, telecommunications, mining, and recycling, and our passion for digitalization, will add value and future-proof your organization

Management Consulting

Within Management Consulting, we bring together various perspectives, skills, and technologies to lead transformation and drive development. With a strong commitment to both people and cutting-edge technology, we work to create lasting value for our clients and for a more sustainable and secure society.

Our Cases

Pest control from space with AI

To fight the spruce bark beetle, you need to identify infested spruce trees at an early stage. Together with Combitech, the Swedish Forest Agency has taken up the fight – from space – with the help of AI.

Smarter public transport for a more sustainable future

Today, enormous amounts of data generated in public transport is collected, forecasted and visualised with AI. For years, we have worked with Östgötatrafiken for smarter and safer travel, supporting a more sustainable community.

Secure digitalization creates advantages for the maritime sector

The only operational entity with a standardised and secure platform for digital maritime services based on the Maritime Connectivity Platform, enabling all connected operators to find each other and explore each other’s services in a reliable process.

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