Our defence capabilities

Smart and resilient total defence

As one of the leading service providers in defence, we apply our cutting-edge expertise and wealth of experience to assist Armed Forces, Defence Materiel Administrations and the defence industry develop systems and capabilities for a more resilient society.

We understand the defence sector, offering an exclusive combination of skill and breadth of knowledge within all segments – Command and Control, Air, Sea and Land.


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Our legacy

Originating from 1940s aviation, "growing up" with Swedish defence industry and gaining unique experience, knowledge and a valuable understanding of the requirements imposed in terms of technical performance, security and budgets.

Across the lifecycle

Our experts are involved in all phases of the lifecycle, participating in feasibility studies and requirement identification, systems specification and systems development, manufacturing, testing, and evaluation, long-term maintenance, and decommissioning.

A relilable partner

We support customers and suppliers in Sweden and abroad, including the Finnish Armed Forces, the Swedish Armed Forces via the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration, FMV, and the Swedish defence industry. Our colleagues in Finland work in addition with training facilities and naval information systems.

Command and Control

Real-time support for operational decision making. When preparing and planning mobilization, you must know your adversaries´ and your own capabilities, as well as the environment in which you operate.

Good situational awareness is gained from Command and Control and through the experience as well as the education of the commanders. We have years of experience in developing cutting edge C2-solutions, to tailor the best possible support for your command-level decision making.

Electronic Warfare

Control the electromagnetic spectrum of your operational environment. All military operations rely on electromagnetic spectrum (EMS), and your ability to master EMS environments is a core capability required to operate in modern environments.

Through application and understanding of Electronic Warfare (EW) and its capabilities, you create situational awareness to support decision making, to protect and hide your own operations, as well as to attack and deny the adversaries´ abilities to succeed.

Military Logistics

Sustaining modern military systems is a known challenge to defence organizations. As systems have become more complex and comprehensive, up-to-date software is needed to optimize and sustain solutions. The software providing realistic and real-time situational awareness (SA) of your operational availability should be there to support your decision-making.

Without, you may end up making decisions on dated SA. Therefore, to us, logistic systems are vital to every organization’s command and control.

Training and Simulation

Saving resources and increasing the efficiency of your military training. In modern day military training, basic and advanced training can be done in virtual classroom simulation environments, in combination with real-life training.

Technological training aids raise participant motivation, provide realistic situational pictures of the battlefield and give instant feedback for soldiers and systems. Trough digitalization, organizations save both time and resources, and our experts are here to make your training and simulation more efficient.

Mikael Krusenberg

Head of Security Solutions